How to Lower Electric Bill [32 Ways!]

Do you want to learn how to lower electric bills? I have an article for you. Below you can find 32 tips and tricks to save electricity, and save money. 

Ready to Lower Your Energy Bill?

1. Get an Audit 

Audits are cool. They show you where you can improve your energy plan.

Your electric company may provide the service for free. If not, you could get estimates based on free online tools. 

Try this one out for size!


white wall switch

Seriously, you’re probably sick and tired of hearing this by now, but if you are leaving lights on you are wasting electricity and money. 

TURN THEM OFF! Make it a habit whenever you leave the room to flip the switch.

3. How to Lower Electric Bill by Using Dimmer Switches 

Using dimmer switches can control the amount of energy coming through the lightbulbs. It’s perfect when you only need a little bit of light. 

4. Keep the Light Turned Off 

Keep the lights turned off for as long as possible. See if you can go use the bathroom without turning the lights on.

Brushing your teeth or showering with the lights off can help save energy!

Most people can see just fine during the day without lights on. 

Whenever you enter a room, ask yourself if you really need to turn on a light. You may be surprised to find out that you can get by just fine without even touching the switch.

5. Change the Lightbulbs 

Change your light bulbs to more energy-efficient LED or CFL light bulbs. These lightbulbs last longer and use less energy than the standard incandescent.

6. How to Lower Electric Bill by Checking for Leaks

Go around and find all the possible leaks in your home. Having air leaks, makes you lose money fast!

As you’re heating or cooling your house, all that energy is just escaping! STOP IT!

Here’s an article to help you locate and fix leaks.

7. Make Sure Appliances Are Full 

To save energy and to save money you should make sure that all appliances are full before you use them.

For example, only run your washer and dishwasher when they are filled. No half loads!

8. Unplug the Energy Vampires 

Energy vampires are seriously real! Things that are plugged in, but turned off, are still using energy and still consuming your money. 

We’re talking about microwaves, toasters, and TVs. Almost everything that is turned off is still using energy and is still taking your money.  

So you should run around right now and unplug everything that’s not in use. Or…

9. How to Lower Electric Bill by Using Powerstrips 

Powerstrips are the best way to kill off energy vampires.

Instead of running around and constantly plugging and unplugging devices, plug everything into a powerstrip and cut them off with a switch.

Powerstrips are more convenient and they can be smart!

There are powerstrips with timers and motion sensors to help kill the power as soon as the devices are not being used.

10. Wash Clothes in Cold Water 

Heating water uses electricity. To try to lower the amount of water you are heating, try washing your clothes in cold water.

Clothes get just as clean, and you can save money with every load.

11. Air Dry Clothes 

Another laundry tip is to start air-drying your clothes. You can hang your clothes both outdoors or indoors.

This is a great way to save electricity. Try to do this whenever possible!

12. How to Lower Electric Bill by Using Dryer Balls

If you must use your dryer, use dryer balls. These things beat up your clothes while they’re in the dryer to make them dry faster. Then you can have a shorter dryer cycle.

Dryer balls also reduce static cling, so you can replace your dryer sheets with them too. That saves you even more money!

13. Clean out Your Dryer Lint 

Yo, clean out your dryer lint. Not only is it a fire hazard, but cleaning it out helps your dryer run more efficiently. It takes more energy to run when it’s bogged down with lint.

14. Shop Energy Star Appliances 

When replacing appliances, shop for new or used one with an ENERGY STAR® label. These appliances are the best bet to help conserve energy and save money.

15. Start Stripping or Bundle the F@ck Up 

In order to save energy from heating and cooling, sometimes you have to take drastic measures.

But honestly, they’re not too drastic. Instead of blasting the heat in the winter, try bundling up with an extra sweater or throw blanket. 

If it gets too hot in the summer, start stripping. If it’s still too hot, then turn on the AC. But you may find that you may need a lower setting than usual.

16. How to Lower Electric Bill by Using Solar Energy 

If possible, take advantage of solar energy.

There are a lot of solar options today like smaller panels and solar phone chargers.

Take advantage of the sun in any way possible. It’s free!

17. Put Devices on Battery Saving Mode 

Save some energy by putting your devices on battery saving mode. 

You can do this on phones, computers, and tablets. ALL THE DEVICES!

Prolonging the life of your battery will have it on the charger less often.

And here’s an extra tip: control the screen brightness to conserve battery life too. The brighter the screen, the more power it takes. 

18. Take Lukewarm Showers 

Taking lukewarm showers instead of hot showers can help lower your electricity bill because you’re not using as much energy to heat up water to higher temperatures.

It’s another easy change that can make a difference.

19. Make it a Game 

Games are fun! And looking at your bill every month to see a smaller number is also fun! So let’s combine the two 🙂

The game is easy: see how long you can go without turning on the lights.

From the time you wake up to nighttime, challenge yourself not to turn on a single light until you cannot stand the darkness.

My record is 6 pm in the winter. Beat me!

During the game, you may be surprised that you don’t need the light on to go to the bathroom and an open window is enough to light up a room. See how far you can push yourself.

20. How to Lower Electric Bill by Making Your Lights Smart 

Smart lights are energy-efficient, but because of the initial investment, you won’t break even for a while.

But, if you’re one of those people with the bad habit of leaving the lights on or if you’re kids have the habit, a couple of smart lights may be beneficial.

You can see which lights are left on from your phone. So even at work, you can turn the lights off instead of letting them stay on until you get home. That will save you money.

21. Look for Incentives and Discount Programs 

Every area is different but it is worth it to look around your area and see if there’s any electricity discounts or incentives.

There may even be programs that use renewable solar or wind energy to power your home at a discounted price.

22. Switch to eBilling 

Switching to eBilling usually saves you money. Electric companies usually charge for paper billing.

It costs them time, labor, paper and stamps and you know that cost will be recouped by you.

Making the switch to eBilling is simple and it will take that charge off your account. Plus, it helps lower your carbon footprint by saving paper.

23. How to Lower Electric Bill by Using Ceiling Fans 

Ceiling fans are a great alternative to using air conditioning units. Before you go blasting the air conditioner, try to use the ceiling fan first to get cool air circulating through your house. 

You may find that you can use the air conditioner but put it on a lower temperature.

24. Air Dry Dishes 

Just like air-drying your clothes, you can save money by air drying your dishes. When using a dishwasher, turn it off after the wash cycle and pull out the racks.

Then you can let your dishes air dry. Or you can towel them off real quick. Either way, you’re saving money by not having the machine use extra energy to dry your dishes.

25. How to Lower Electric Bill by Keeping Things Clean 

This applies to vents, coils, and filters. From your fridge, dryer, air conditioner, and vacuum make sure they are clean.

Making sure vents and filters are cleared lets the appliance work more efficiently and saves energy.

26. Shut the Damper in Your Fireplace

WTF is a damper? I didn’t know either. But if you have a fireplace, you have a damper up there that opens and closes.

Go make sure your damper is shut if your fireplace is not in use! It’s like a window. If it’s open, you are letting heat or cool air escape from your home. P.S. ONLY close it, if every last ember has been put out.

Also… you’re letting a sh!t ton of spiders in. 

27. How to Lower Electric Bill By Using Lids While Cooking 

If you have an electric stove, make sure you are using lids while cooking. Using lids while cooking traps heat into the pots. This helps the temperature stay even and it helps cook food faster.

Your food will be done faster and then you can turn off the stove faster! Winning!

28. Unplug At 100% 

Unplug your devices at 100%. Whether it’s your laptop, your phone, your tablet or your Bluetooth speakers that are charging, unplug it immediately once its battery reaches 100%.

There’s no reason for devices to be left on the charger when they are already charged. This is wasting electricity.

29. Use a Low Flow Showerhead 

A low flow showerhead can save money on your electric bill. They help lower the amount of water that comes out which will lower the amount of hot water being used. 

30. Use Oven Less Often 

Damn that oven is hot… so hot.

And that’s that you should kind of avoid using it, especially in the summer.

It takes a lot of energy to heat up the oven to high temperatures and when you’re constantly opening it up or constantly cooking food in the oven then you can let the heat escape.

If it’s super hot in your house, you’re going to want to use more cooling features such as your air conditioner, fans or your central air.

And that will be unnecessary if you didn’t want to use it in the first place. So when it’s hot out, avoid using that oven.

31. How to Lower Your Electric Bill by Closing Vents in Unused Rooms

This is something quick and simple but something you may not have realized.

If you have central air or a heating system, you may have vents in every room of your house.

Some of those rooms are not being used regularly, so make sure you go in there and close those vents so you don’t waste energy by heating and cooling those rooms.

This will also circumvent the air or heat to the rooms that need it more.

32. Make Sure Friends, Family and Guests Follow These Rules 

When you’re actively trying to change your electric habits to save money on your bill, it’s very important to get all your family members and people in your household involved.

It’s very important to sit down with everyone and explain to them why they need to change their habits and what the benefits will be. 

Maybe you can tell your kids that the money saved means an ice cream treat once a month.

Whatever it is every single person needs to be on board or you will find yourself ripping your hair out whenever you go throughout the house and see lights still on.

And it’s not just your family members who live with you, you need to have a talk with friends and guests that stay with you.

If you are a busybody and a socialite, you probably have a lot of people in and out of your house all the time.

With all that traffic, your energy bill can skyrocket if they’re not using the principles that you’ve learned in this article. So is very important to have your guests follow your new electricity rules.

How to Lower Electric Bill

This article had a lot of tips to help you lower your electric bill. I’m certain you are now equipped to go out and save some cash.

You don’t have to implement everything on this list. In fact, here is a quick list that will make the most of a difference:

  • Turn lights off and keep them off
  • Change lightbulbs
  • Check for leaks
  • Unplug energy vampires (easier to do with powerstrips)
  • Wash clothes in cold water
  • Air dry clothes and dishes
  • Use ENERGY STAR® appliances
  • Start stripping or bundle the f@ck up

I have played this game many times to lower my electric bill. My mom even swears that just by unplugging everything, she cut her bill in half.

This is real money to be saved. These tips may be a little inconvenient, but it’s worth it when you can have a small bill. 

If you want to save money on your other variable bills, check out this article next.

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