How to Stop Wasting Money? Here are 10 Ways

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Yo, stop wasting money.

You know that thing called money? Yeah… YOU’RE WASTING IT!

It’s really incredible how much money we can save if we just stepped back and watched our habits and behaviors. 

I don’t want you to freak out, but YOU ARE WASTING YOUR MONEY

Literal dollars being flushed down the toilet for no good reason. All because of our habits and behaviors. 

Whaaaaaaat?! I’m here to help you. 

We are going to start RIGHT NOW! We are both going to get to a place where money isn’t being wasted.

I’m talking about freeing up some cash for an extra coffee, an extra debt payment or to buy reusable goods to reduce your waste. 


How to Stop Wasting Money on Free Trials 

I know you have signed up for a free trial in the past, completely forgot to cancel and then was CHARGED for a subscription fee for a service you don’t even want! 

What a waste of cash…

Now, I’m not going to tell you to set a reminder on your phone to cancel your free trial before it expires.

Even though that is a great idea. You should… try that.

But, I’m here to show you an awesome service that will also protect your card information online to reduce the chances of your information being stolen. 

Privacy is awesome. I have used them for years and they have saved me so much money.

In privacy, you can set up debit cards for each website you visit. And you have the ability to pause the card. 

So in this case, you can set up a fake debit card number to enter into websites. If that website gets hacked, your information is still safe. 

You can pause and unpause the card. Any transactions will be denied when the card is paused.

The next time you want to try out a free trial, set up a privacy card, start the trial and then pause the card.

You will not be charged when the trial ends. The transaction will be denied.

And that’s how we save our asses, people! yaaass!

Don’t Shop Sales 

 Stop wasting money on shopping.

This sounds stupid, right? Shouldn’t we shop the sales? How are we going to save money?!?!

I’m not here to show you tips on how to save money. I’m here to show you how not to waste money.

And to do that, you need to stop shopping sales.

Stop looking at sales, stop browsing through sales and just STAY AWAY FROM SALES.

Because sales are not a good deal if it makes you buy more than what you need. 

It’s not good when you want to buy one thing and get enticed to buy more things. They are a waste of money. 

If you buy something you don’t need for $200, but the original price was $250, did you really save $50?

To me, you just wasted $200. You still spent money that you didn’t need to. You just wasted money.

Shop Smart 

Now, this is the part where I tell you to shop the sales. Kidding!

In truth, yes something on sale can save us a few bucks.

But if you are only buying what you need, you are going to purchase that item if it’s on sale or not. 

You can try a google search for the item to see if it happens to be on sale and if it is, great! But, if it’s not are you just not going to buy it? 

So instead of sales, we should focus on just getting the item for as little as possible RIGHT NOW.

So you can see the price through all the online stores. There’s even a cool web browser extension

And then, you can try to get cashback. Through Rakuten Ebates you can get coupons and get cash back for qualifying purchases.

All you have to do is activate it on the sales page and then every quarter you will get money back from your purchases.

They’ll even give ya $10 for signing up! I used my gift card for vegan ice cream. Use this link.

Cook at Home 

 Stop wasting money on eating out.

You are probably sick of hearing this tip, but this tip is the best one. One of our biggest expenses is our food bill.

Eating out is throwing money away for convenience, service and marginal profit increases. 

Cooking at home requires planning, effort and time, but the amount of money at stake is worth it.

Eating out should be a treat, not an everyday thing.

I know a lot of you are busy, but even cutting down eating out by half can show a significance to your cash flow. 

If you need help cooking at home, here’s a free recipe book, and here’s a free ebook on how to cut your grocery bill in half.

You Could be Wasting Money by Grocery Shopping 

I know I just told you to cook at home more, so why am I suggesting that grocery shopping is a waste of money? 

Well depending on what you buy, you can be wasting money. Buying convenience, junk food and honestly, meat, takes up a lot of cash. 

Choosing healthier options and if possible in bulk can save you a lot so you’re not wasting money on tv dinners.

Be BFFs With Leftovers 

Once you’re cooking at home, you may be collecting leftovers. 

SAVE leftovers. Leftovers are literally money. If you throw it out, not only will starving people cry, but you are literally throwing out money.

You bought food with the money, don’t throw it out. 

Eat the leftovers. Use it for lunch the next day. Make something new with it.

Throw leftovers in a soup or casserole. Put new toppings on it and chow down. Spice up leftovers and eat, eat, eat them. 

Don’t throw them away!

You’re Wasting Money on Expiration Dates 

Speaking of food, don’t let food go bad. That is another waste of money.

If you spend 1 dollar on a box of mac and cheese and then let it expire, you just wasted 1 dollar. 

Do regular pantry checks to make sure you are using everything up.

Other things to look out for is cosmetics and hygiene products. Look at expiration dates and don’t let the money get thrown away!

Go Through Your Bank Statements 

Checking up on your bank statements can expose some money-wasting behaviors.

Are you seeing a lot of vending machine charges? Or are you seeing subscription charges for services you don’t use? 

Now is the time to go through and cancel what you don’t use anymore.

How to Stop Wasting Money on Bills 

What if I told you that you are overpaying on your bills? Like your bills could be less? 

Companies are basically stealing extra money from you every month. The representatives even know you don’t have to pay as much

It’s true. You could be overpaying on your cell phone, insurance, cable, and internet bills for no good reason.

I found Billfixers to be super helpful in calling up my service providers and NEGOTIATING FOR ME.

I don’t know how to negotiate bills, you crazy? And that’s why Billfixers is perfect. 

They know what they’re doing and they do it well. 

While you’re at the step of looking over your bills, check out these two articles on how to save money on your fixed and variable expenses.

Say No and No Thank You 

No may be the hardest word to say, but you have to start putting it into practice if you want to stop wasting money. 

Say no to your children whenever they want something. Children see a shiny object and want the shining object. 

Saying no often will save you a lot of money. And don’t worry, kids will forget about it and move on to “wanting” something else. 

Another version of no you should consider adopting would be no thank you.

When you are invited to a social gathering that involves spending money say, “no thank you.” 

You don’t have to go out to an expensive restaurant for the 3rd time this week.

You don’t have to be influenced into spending money on something you don’t want just for the social aspect.

Say no and say no thank you.

Turn The Lights Off, Baby

 Stop wasting money on your electric bill.

Without even thinking about it, you could be wasting money by wasting electricity.

If you diligently turn the lights off when leaving the room like your mom told you to, great!

However, that may not be the only thing sucking your power. Even items that are plugged in consume power.

Think toaster, pressure cook, phone chargers, and TVs.

Even though these items are turned off, they are still consuming power by being plugged in.

They are called energy vampires — the things that silently suck power without anyone knowing. 

So run around and unplug everything that isn’t in use. Because a waste of power is a waste of money.

You can also learn more ways on how to lower your electric bill.

Get Organized and Declutter 

Another money waster is buying things that you already have at home, but can’t find. Lost items are a waste of money. 

To combat this from happening, you need to get organized. To organize, you need to declutter the sh!t out of your life.

Only keep what you need, use and love. Then you can organize the remainders.

When everything is organized, you will know where everything is and be able to see if you need to buy more or not.

DIY the Small Stuff 

Fixing or making things yourself can save a lot of money. 

You can waste money without even knowing if you throw something away that could have easily been fixed.

You can also waste money if you hire someone to fix something super simple. 

Before throwing things away or hiring out a repair, Google your problem and see if you can fix it yourself.

You never know. The fix may be as easy as a piece of duct tape. 

Remember, throwing things out is a waste of money ESPECIALLY if it could’ve been easily fixed and you buy a brand new one.


You could be wasting money in your living situation.

If you have a house bigger than your needs, you could be paying extra in rent or mortgage for space that you don’t need. 

And another thing is the location. Are you living in an expensive city that is overpriced for no good reason?

Try looking to relocate to a more reasonable cost of living situation.

How to Stop Wasting Money on Gifts 

Stop wasting money on gifts.

I want to remind you that you do not need to buy gifts for every single person that has blessed you with their presence.

And you do not need to spend $10 or more on people you could care less about.

I’m talking about co-workers, acquaintances, and neighbors.

If you do not like these people, if you’re not close with these people, if your relationship is nothing more than “work friends” then you do not and should not have to buy them gifts with your hard-earned money.

Especially gifts amounting in double-digit or triple-digit dollar amounts. Sometimes people are not worth wasting money on.

Use Up What You Have 

Using up what you have before buying something new is a great way to stop wasting money. 

If you already have 3 half-used shampoos, buying a new bottle is a waste of money.

This is why keeping inventory and acknowledging expiration dates is so important.

You may be wasting a lot of money when you’re not using up the products that you already spent money on.

Stick to Your Budget 

Have a budget and stick to it. Knowing how much money you can spend in each category will help your spending habits. 

You will only use a certain amount of money and try to make every cent count. 

Use Automation

Automation is a great tool.

Sometimes spending money on things we don’t need is just a matter of looking at the bank account and seeing money in there. 

Hey! I got an extra 50 bucks, I can eat out tonight! 

However, if you use automation to automatically remove money into saving or investing accounts, you will avoid having leftover money in the bank and be forced to stick to your budget. 

You will then only spend what you have on what you need.

How to Stop Wasting Money For Reals

Yo, all you need to do is to change some habits and behaviors around and you’ll be fine. Use these tips and suggest more in the comments. We got this!

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